Interview with Sofia Goetz, violin

7 questions for Sofia Goetz, violin

What is central to you in music teaching?
Teaching is a great passion of mine. I love my job because I always try to pass on to my students my great desire to play this instrument. It is an instrument that gives so much satisfaction. It is very important for me to always react to the student’s requests and to adapt my lessons to their needs. I believe that motivating the student and following him/her with dedication is the basis of my lessons.

How have you experienced your own music studies?
I started playing the violin when I was three years old. For me it was a game at the beginning, in fact this is what I try to pass on to my pupils when they are very young. Then as I grew up I trained with the best teachers of the moment, and now it is my job. I have changed several teachers during my studies and this has allowed me to create an open mind which is fundamental in teaching.

What do you take with out of it for your own teaching?
Having tried many schools in my studies, and having been confronted with many teachers, I have a wealth of experience that allows me to teach with professionalism and variety.

How did you choose your instrument? Is there a formative experience?
It was a Christmas present from my aunt when I was 3 years old. She brought the Suzuki system to Milan, a world-famous and very effective method. I started with this school.
However, I come from a family of musicians, my mother is a pianist.

What type of student do you particularly enjoy working with?
I have experience with people of all ages, from 3-year-olds to adults. I believe that any age is a good age to learn this instrument.

What student characteristics do you find challenging?
I like students who are willing to learn, who are curious to discover this world, who set goals to achieve, or who just want to improve/play a musical instrument for pleasure.

Briefly describe your teaching space.
I can come to your house if it is convenient for you.
Otherwise we can have lessons at my house or at my university, there are so many classrooms there and entering the world of the arts can be a very stimulating experience!

Sofia Goetz, violin

Sofia Goetz erteilt Violinunterricht/Geigenstunden in Zürich.