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Online and offline I am passionate about music. I love to perform and I also love teaching.

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Chant Jazz

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4104 Oberwil

With international recording and performance experience, I am passionate about both creating and teaching music. As an experienced instructor, I specialize in teaching jazz to vocalists, both those already in the jazz world and those coming from a classical background. I also find joy in guiding singer-songwriters.

In my studio, you have the opportunity to explore your sound using a microphone and learn essential techniques. My love for all music genres fuels my commitment to helping you discover and appreciate your unique voice.

Exciting updates lie ahead! Keep an eye out for my warm-up exercises designed for jazz and pop singers, set to be released on in December 2023. For the latest news, visit my website. I'm eager to collaborate on your musical journey—feel free to reach out whenever you're ready to make music together!