What is SMPV? Swiss Society for Musical Pedagogy

SMPV/SSPM is the Swiss Society for Musical Pedagogy. It was founded in 1893 and represents the interests of Swiss professional music teachers. Thanks to its long tradition of cultural and political activities and its experience on community, canton and national levels, as well as its cooperation with (inter)national organizations, it has great expertise with regard to the conditions of music teaching in Switzerland and the needs of students and teachers. Therefore, it can offer students and teachers the appropriate learning and working environment.

Who are our music teachers?

SMPV/SSPM unites roughly 2500 music teachers from all over Switzerland who teach at music schools and/or universities and/or privately. Many of them also pursue concert activities, be it as soloists, in chamber music or in orchestras.

Advantages of private music lessons

  • Lessons can be taken up at any time
  • Intervals, lesson duration, place and time can be defined individually with teachers

No lessons are cancelled due to school activities